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For Immediate Release: World-renowned Playing Card Expert Buys Largest Internet Playing Card Forum - Match Made in Heaven

Toronto, Ontario. - December 17th, 2013 - In a surprise announcement, world-renowned playing card expert Tom Dawson stated that he has purchased "the Discourse at," the world's largest playing card Internet forum from previous owner and playing card designer, Alexander Yusupov.

The inspiration for selling The Discourse recalled twenty-two year old Alexander Yusupov, original founder of the forum "Tom and Judy Dawson are THE experts," Yusupov said. "It was time to pass the forum along to people that could take my work into unprecedented territory."

As the author, with Judy, his wife, of the definitive work "The Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards," as well the current president of the 52 Plus Joker Club, the preeminent North American card collecting organization, Mr. Dawson has lots to offer the large and growing roster of playing card collectors online.

Don Boyer, administrator of the Discourse and 52 Plus Joker member, agrees.  "I knew that Alex Yusupov had for some time been considering a sale of the forum, but the right opportunity hadn't presented itself.  When Tom Dawson and Lee Asher approached me recently to discuss future plans for 52 Plus Joker, it seems like a natural fit to unite these two organizations in some way, creating a synergy between them that makes them greater together than they are individually.  I suggested the idea to both parties and this is the happy result."

The idea of hunting for vintage pasteboards has always intrigued Mr. Dawson since he began his obsession almost forty years ago. The kind of passion that drove him back then to seek out the beauty and history those decks of cards possess still leads him today to help other fellow collectors, no matter their age or experience. After updating the 52 Plus Joker's Constitution and Mission Statement to expand the membership to include more modern custom playing card collectors and designers, Mr. Dawson saw the purchase of a sizable forum with over ten thousand members worldwide as a rare opportunity, one he couldn't pass up.

"When the United States Playing Card Company needs their collection evaluated, they call Tom and Judy Dawson. Imagine the kind of rich history and fascinating information they are going to share with anyone interested," said 52 Plus Joker's Director of Publicity, Lee Asher.  Asher adds, "It looks like 2014 is going to be pretty spectacular for card enthusiasts. I can't remember a time when everyone was so excited about playing card culture!"

According to Discourse statistics, the forum's membership is already growing exponentially with a high rate of regular visitors and posters. With luck, and if Tom Dawson 'plays his cards right,' he will end up achieving his ultimate goal of inspiring a new generation of playing card aficionados.

Interested in collecting playing cards? You aren't alone! Membership in the Discourse is free of charge to the public. Visit Tom Dawson's Discourse now, and get started today.
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Hello fellow playing card enthusiasts.

In my last communique, I stated that it was my duty as head of publicity to leave as many 'quality breadcrumbs' about collecting playing cards as possible in order to enrich those who are interested in 'picking-up on the trail'.

It's an honor to report back to you with some highly encouraging news about the 52 Plus Joker's future.

Simply put, the 52 Plus Joker organization is starting to gain 'online awareness'. The more quality information we upload to the internet for people to access, the greater our chances are of reaching those whom truly have interest in collecting playing cards.

In its most basic form, the most significant benefit the internet offers mankind is the ability to connect with one another.

In February 2010, a short interview about playing card conditions and grades with Tom and Judy Dawson was uploaded to the YOUTUBE website. To date, over several thousand people have taken the time to listen to it. Have you heard it yet?

As a result of offering this information to the internet, several magic-related blogs and magic-related websites picked up Tom and Judy's interview and re-syndicated the information to their own membership using services like Twitter, Facebook, and a myriad of other social media.

Slowly but surely, the word about 52 Plus Joker is spreading. Again, the more people know about the 52 Plus Joker organization, the better our chances are of gaining new membership. By using the tools of today (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the internet in general) we can influence the youth of tomorrow.

Sound fascinating? I hope so because I'm going to need your help, soon.

Yes you, the one reading this right now. When the time is right, you'll be called upon to help me spread the word about collecting playing cards. Don't worry, you're not going to have to do anything out of your comfort zone - I promise.

Just prepare to share information and possibly be a 'mentor' to someone in need. You probably already do that, so nothing could be easier.

Stay tuned. I'll be in touch.

Lee Asher

P.S. Click this link to listen to the Dawson interview about grading your playing cards.

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