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Final Results for 2015 Mail Auction - Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Well, the auction is over and spirited bidding on the part of many has led to a satisfactory sales result. Thanks to all who participated.

All invoices and consignor reports have been issued. Would winners please pay promptly so that we can get the lots shipped and pay the consignors.

A schedule of results for all lots is available in member downloads in the Clun Information section.


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The 2015 mail auction is now complete and will be included in the March 2015 CTD. In the meantime we are pleased to post pdf files [Auction Pages 1 to 11], that you can review and/or download to your home computer, showing the 77 lots included in this year's auction. We have pushed the closing date of the auction out to April 30 as we will be away on a special trip for most of the month. The bidding is now open!

 Auction Pages for the March 2015 Auction Minimize

Below you will find pdf files named "Auction Pages 1 to 11" which contains the 77 lots that make up the 2015 auction. There is also a file with the updated auction rules. You may view any Auction Page by clicking on its name. Each Auction Page will open in a new window. After viewing a page, close that browser window and, on the main auction page, click on another page to view. You may also click on the "Auction Pages 1 to 11" file name to get a continuous listing of all the lots. Please read the rules page for further information and glossary of certain terms used. You must have already downloaded and installed Adobe Acrobat Reader before you can view pages (if you haven't yet installed Adobe Acrobat Reader [or another PDF viewer], click here). To save a page to your own computer's hard drive, click on 'Download', then 'Save' and follow the prompts for the desired location on your hard drive.

 TitleModified DateSize 
Auction Pages 1 to 112/9/20153.87 MBDownload
Auction Rules2/4/2015243.34 KBDownload
Auction Page 12/4/2015556.88 KBDownload
Auction Page 22/4/2015420.12 KBDownload
Auction Page 32/4/2015414.76 KBDownload
Auction Page 42/4/2015567.46 KBDownload
Auction Page 52/4/2015542.24 KBDownload
Auction Page 62/4/2015438.11 KBDownload
Auction Page 72/4/2015401.34 KBDownload
Auction Page 82/4/2015477.17 KBDownload
Auction Page 92/4/2015563.94 KBDownload
Auction Page 102/4/2015433.83 KBDownload
Auction Page 112/4/2015444.78 KBDownload

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