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Alex, a member from Belgium, has one of the most extensive collections of miniature and children's cards around. In this display he shares with us one of the decks from that wonderful collection...

"Please find hereby a scan of a nice Austrian Patience deck by Joseph Glanz from Vienna."


Jack of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

King of Hearts

"The makers name is on the Jack of clubs and the address of his firm on the jack of diamonds. This deck was made circa 1856 as shows the stamp on the ace of hearts."

Jack of Clubs

Queen of Clubs

King of Clubs


"Many times this deck has been referred to as 'Childrencards'. This because the courts show children with rosy cheeks.These cards were handcolored and are a nice example of the craftmanship those cardmakers allready had in that period."

Jack of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds

King of Diamonds

"This romantic deck was of course meant for the mothers. The children courts were to make the deck more attractive."

Jack of Spades

Queen of Spades

King of Spades

"Next to the firm stamp there also is a tax stamp. Many of these tax stamps are known and often make it easier to date a deck."

Our thanks to Alex Clays for a glimpse into this lovely old deck.

From the collection of Alex Clays

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