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This deck of Playing cards falls into two distinct categories; Railroad cards and Souvenir cards. The railroad decks were used to promote the various lines or as a souvenir of having traveled the trains and routes. Souvenir cards, according to Hochman, cover many categories, each having pictures on each card. These souvenir decks may have been often shown, but never used to actual play cards.

Card Back


Table of Distances

 This deck is one of four different decks made for the 'White Pass & Yukon Route. The faces of each card has an oval photo scene from along the route. This deck was produced circa 1900. It has 52 cards plus a 'table of distances' card. The back of the cards is printed in bright Red, Gold and Blue, with an oval showing the train with the caption, 'The White Pass and Yukon Route" in red letters.

Ace of Hearts

King of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Jack of Hearts


  • Ace of Hearts - shows the arrival of the first passenger train at the summit on Feb. 20, 1899.
  • King of Hearts - shows the stop at 'Clifton'.
  • Queen of Hearts - shows the train on the 'Trestle over Glacier Gorge at Tunnel'.
  • Jack of Hearts - shows the train 'Near the Tunnel'.



Ace of Clubs

King of Clubs

Queen of Clubs

Jack of Clubs


  • Ace of Clubs - shows a train car underneath the 'Hanging Rocks of Clifton'.
  • King of Clubs - shows the 'First Passenger Train Over Summit', Feb. 20, 1899. Train stopped on trestle before entering tunnel.
  • Queen of Clubs - shows 'East Fork from Rocky Point'.
  • Jack of Clubs - shows a scene of men working on the railroad.



Ace of Diamonds

King of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds


  • Ace of Diamonds - shows 'A stop' at the summit with passengers waiting to board.
  • King of Diamonds - shows the train 'Approaching Skagway'.
  • Queen of Diamonds - shows a view leaving the tunnel, 'Looking South from Tunnel'.
  • Jack of Diamonds - shows the train stopped at "rocky Point'.



Ace of Spades

King of Spades

Queen of Spades

Jack of Spades


  • The Ace of Spades - shows the train with two steam engines with the caption 'White Pass and Yukon Express'. It is in black and white.
  • King of Spades - shows the train on a trestle with the caption 'Among the Clouds'.
  • Queen of Spades - shows the train with a flatcar of early sightseers with the caption, 'Excursion Train on Porcupine Hill'.
  • Jack of Spades - shows a 'Switchback' allowing the train to climb steep grades to make the pass.



This deck is SR29 in the Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards.

From the collection of Michael & Sally Gannaway.

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